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Charles Connon 1900 - 1939

Charles Connon was born in Dublin at the end of the nineteenth century and the beginning of the twenith century, Charles Connon's family was involved in Church Art for over three centuries.  

Now his grandson Evan Connon keeps the family tradition going into the twenty first century,

Charles Connon was Born in 1900 and at the age of 14 he took a apprenticeship in the Joshua Clarke studios Dublin and served 8 years as a trainee apprentice artist learning from master painters like Harry Clarke and Richard King on how to paint stained glass. Irish Stained glass was probably at its most vibrant stage in Ireland with Evie Hone, AE Child, Bill Earley and many others.

Charles Connon lived on the foothills of the Dublin mountains in Dundrum with his family and he would travel the country painting and decorating church's while still painting stained glass windows in the Harry Clarke studios. It was on one of these trips as he travelled to Buttervent, Co Cork on his motor bike with his son Patrick Connon he is to believed have stopped three times due to feeling unwell and on his arrival at Buttervent he collapsed and died from Tuberculoses at the age of 39.

The artistic gene jumped one generation before resurfacing with Evan Connon becoming Ireland best known stained glass artist in the twenty first century and the name Connon still survives and makes wondrous creation of stained glass windows in Ireland and internationally